A Study on the Socio – Economic Factors Involving in Acculturation of the Students: (A Case Study of the Pre - University Students in Shiraz)

Document Type: Original Article


1 Ph.D Student of Sociology I.A.U of Bosher

2 M.A of sociology at I.A.U of Sepidan - Branch


The purpose of this research is the analysis of the effects of
socio – economic factors on acculturation of pre students in Shiraz.
In this research (after examining of the previous studies and existing theories) to explain the concept of acculturation the theories of Rogers and Bits have been used and also the socio – economic factors of Parson's theory have been applied. The research is in the form of survey method. In which 400 questionnaires were given to the students randomly. But regarding the sample size by using the Cochran formula (382 persons) 390 questionnaire were analyzed.
Pearson correlation test, the rate of the parents' income, the family's cost of living, the parent's education and the use of computer and internet usage had a significant relationship with the students' acculturation.
But the relationship between watching T.V, listening to the Radio, reading journals and the number of the people in family (sister and brother) from one hand with the student's acculturation was not confirmed either the results  have shown that the nominal variables of mother's and father's occupation, and the parent's previous dwelling place have relation to the rate of acculturation. In regression multivariate test four variable: the mother's education, the parent's dwelling place, the whole income and the rate of internet usage explained 32. 84%  of the changes in dependent variable.


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