An Analytical Investigation of the Impact of Social and Cultural Factors on the Modeling of Western Patterns in Isfahan City from the Perspective of Victims and Providing Solutions to Coping )Presentation of Cultural Engineering Model(

Document Type: Original Article


Assistant Professor, Department of Social Education, Farhangian University, Iran



This study investigates the impact of social and cultural factors on the patterning of western patterns in Isfahan city and presents some strategies to deal with it. The objectives of this study were: 1- Determining the effect of social and cultural factors on the patterning of Western models from the perspective of the children of martyrs and victims; 4) Determining the difference between the impact of social and cultural factors on the modeling of Western models in terms of gender and educational level. The method used in this study was descriptive survey and factor analysis. The statistical population of this study was all the children of Isfahan city in 2006 that were over 11601 people. The sample size was 310 persons by using stratified random sampling method. The instrument used in this study was a researcher-made questionnaire.The findings of the study showed that western models, creating sports facilities and healthy cultural recreation with 38.7% maintenance and space. Some of the war zones in the city with 39.3 percent, strengthening the spirit of religion in the community with 34.5 percent and providing the ground for youth marriage with 38.3 percent and reducing consumption and import with 31.6 percent of the most important strategies. The pattern of youth is one of the western patterns and There is a significant difference between the effects of social and cultural factors on the pattern of western patterns according to gender and educational level (p <0.05)