Sociological Analysis of Social Modernization and Its Impact on Forming a Family of Educated Youth )Case Study of Students of Golestan Province)


Department of Sociology, Faculty of Social Sciences, Payame Noor University, Iran,



This article seeks to analyze the sociological dimension of social modernization and its effect on family formation among university students in Golestan province. This article is based on data gathered by a survey on 400 young educated students, 18 to 50 years old, from all levels of university education in Golestan province. The stratified random sampling method  based on a given volume was used. Required information was collected by a valid and reliable questionnaire. Research findings show that there is a relationship between modernization and family formation. The indices of fit of goodness indicate that the overall effect of modernization of society on the family is approved. This means that people in the life of the factors modernization of society to further the work of slaves have, factors a family in it, and the more you than the other people have been . In other words, marriage and attitudes toward marriage modern than it had been . Although the arrival of some dimensions modernization of social change in a number of areas in the style of life of the people has changed, yet the population under study, compared to the resources of this change and its consequences ( at the level of the individual and society ) are open sighted knowledge and Of particular sensitivity .