Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 25, Spring 2017, Pages 1-102 
2. Investigating the Methods of Tendency to Religion among High School Students in Andimeshk City

Pages 27-36

Issaq Arjmand Siahpoush; Hassan Arjmandi; Bahareh Arjmand Siahpoush; Ali Arjmand; Ahmad Reza Arjmandi

3. Relationship between the Attachment Styles and Happiness in the Youth

Pages 37-42

Maryam Folad; Jamal Sadeghi; Ali Rahmani Firozja

6. A Sociological Study on the Effect of the Virtual Network (Telegram) on Emotional Divorce among Young Couples (A Case Study of Babol Payam Noor Center)

Pages 71-80

Manouchehr Pahlavan; Mojtaba Amouzad Mahdiraji; Ebraheim Allah Yar Ahmadi; Mohammad Asadi; Rajab Ali Allah Yar Ahmadi

8. The Effect of Globalization on the Moral Values Change among the Youth

Pages 93-102

Tayyebeh Vakhshoozi; Bagher Sarookhani; Hassan Sarabi